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Superpower your customer relations and sales operations with Zoomaworks. It’s that simple.

What is Zoomaworks?

Zoomaworks is the tool your business needs to improve customer relationships, convert leads into sales, and manage your marketing, accounting and reports from a single platform.

Customer relationship management

Create more personal and meaningful customer interactions

Zoomaworks combines the tools of a CRM software that helps you store, organise and automate all your customer interactions. It centralises all communications, activities, and records of your prospects, leads and customers, so you can focus on providing them with the best service, while Zoomaworks does the rest.

accounting and reporting

Improve your productivity and efficiency

Generate quotes, convert them into invoices and automate supplier payments, all from Zoomaworks. Connect with your accountancy system (Xero) and your file storage (OneDrive) for a seamless business integration.

marketing campaigns

Design,target and deliver effective and attractive email and SMS campaigns.

Zoomaworks integrates with Mailchimp, the world’s most popular newsletter service, allowing you to design and send effective and attractive email campaigns. Create specific marketing campaigns for new users, send special perks to repeat customers and recover lost sales with targeted discounts.

Integrates with Xero Online

Send the invoices and reports directly to Xero, and give access to your teams.

Automate your to-do list

Convert quotations into invoices, and invoices into supplier payments

Connect your OneDrive

Access all your files and customer documents directly from the app

Improve your customer relationships

Store, organise and analyse your customer data, and provide them with a better service

Increase your sales

Automatically send follow up to enquiries, recommend future purchases, and manage complaints

All-in-one Marketing Solution

Send great looking emails that engage and sell, and create workflows to welcome, win-back and upsell to customers

Build everlasting customer relationships and improve the efficiency of your business with Zoomaworks

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Focus on people, not on paperwork. Simplify your communications, automate your operations, and let Zoomaworks supercharge your business.